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The missing link

The world’s population is expanding more rapidly than in any other period in history. We’re also the wealthiest generation of all time. With high-speed communications capable of reaching almost anyone, anywhere, conditions are ideal for global evangelism–and  harvest daily.

What is harvest?

More than just a website or an app, harvest is a platform that will reimagine the way the work of our Independent Baptist missionaries is communicated globally. Through phone, tablet, print and social media connections, we’ll inspire more of God’s people to do more of God’s work. It’s time to redeem the time.

How it will work

Church missionaries in the field have untold stories of their work > The Harvest editorial team gather stories from the field > pray, give, go – a new generation is inspired to help > The mobile app connects all.

Why an app?

A “native” app on your smartphone rather than a mobile website will deliver a smoother and more secure experience as you enjoy stories, photos, and video. Content once downloaded can be browsed offline, and an app allows you to access geolocation and future services that will directly tap into the operating system of your device.

The inspiration

What inspires a Christian to surrender to the mission field? Often it’s a story of opportunities beckoning at home or overseas. Harvest will tell these stories, so that more be encouraged to be in the perfect will of God.