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A sustainable model

The harvest project is founded on a sustainable publishing model, meaning it’s being put together by professional writers, editors, and designers, and will be funded through subscriptions.

Access to this website will continue to be free of charge, as we feature photo essays from your missions
trips. Please feel free to help us follow the work of Independent Baptist missionaries in diferent parts
of the world, by sending photos or story tips to [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

When will harvest launch?

The obvious answer is, “in God’s timing” because we need significant funding. But practically, and by faith, we are planning to assemble content and develop the daily app through 2017 and  2018.

What will it be, and what will it do?

Initially it will be a daily phone app, harvest daily, and later a tablet and print magazine, harvest quarterly. It aims to motivate our people to be more involved in missions, either directly or indirectly, as their personal circumstances dictate.

What sort of content will be featured?

Stories, photos and videos from the mission fields will be the primary content in harvest daily, along with the latest prayer requests, and daily devotionals. Later, harvest quarterly on the tablet and in print will carry feature articles, personal testimonies, the plan of salvation, and Bible stories for children.

What content will not be featured?

We are an avowedly Independent Baptist publication, so content will relate to churches and missionaries of like faith. We are non-political, with editorial content designed only to inform, edify and encourage our people in the work of God. We will neither endorse nor oppose any causes, save that of Jesus Christ, and him crucified (I Corinthians 2:2)

Who is behind the magazine?

The founder, editor, and publisher is Thomas Liddle, a longtime member of Metropolitan Baptist Church, Sydney, Australia. Harvest is under the doctrinal authority of the church.

What is your doctrinal stance?

Any content of a biblical nature will adhere to Metropolitan Baptist’s statement of faith (see, with the King James Version of the Bible being our English-language source.

Will harvest publications be available in other languages?

Yes, we plan to build out multi-lingual versions of the daily and quarterly magazine, starting with Spanish and Mandarin.

How can I help get harvest to the launchpad?

You can give either individually or as a church, with monthly support (see How you can help).

Who is handling the finances?

All contributions for the launch of harvest through this website, or by monthly support cheque from churches and individuals, go directly to Metropolitan Baptist Church, which disburses funds as needed for production purposes.

Questions not answered?

We’ll leave no question unanswered. Just email us at [email protected].