We invite you join us in prayer for the harvest ministry. Our timeline is God’s, so we are not sure exactly when we will launch. But so far we are on track, given available resources, and the step-by-step way the Lord has guided us.

As we continue developing content, and working towards a phone prototype, we ask that you would uphold us before the Lord for the following needs:

  • Monthly support from churches until subscriptions cover our production costs
  • Story tips (subjects must be from Independent Baptist, fundamental, KJV-only churches)
  • Content for devotionals, and articles, with an emphasis on missions, as notes, or in audio format (CD/DVD, or mp3 — our editors will shape the copy and return it for review
  • Transcribers to turn audio files into text
  • Experienced writers, journalists, and copy editors
  • Cub reporters, or citizen journalists with raw talent, who’d like to be coached, and published in harvest daily
  • Experienced photographers with an eye for the candid closeup, or amateurs who’d like their missions trip shots published on this website. Why don’t you contact us before you go, and we’ll provide a brief to guide you
  • Professional Illustrators who can help bring a distinctive style to the magazine

Where to send support

If you have any questions regarding funding, or are willing to help financially, please contact Pastor Mario Schiavone at [email protected]  or send support to:

Harvest ministry, C/- Pastor M. R. Schiavone
Metropolitan Baptist Church
223 Burns Bay Road
Lane Cove West, NSW 1597