How will it work?

After looking at different options and producing mockups and prototypes, the plan for harvest is now focused on the phone platform as our launch vehicle.

How will it work? In summary, news gathered by our team of professional journalists will be shaped by copy editors, and packaged into an irresistible mix of stories, delivered to an app on your phone.

Designers and developers are already working on content and management systems, and our administrative team is setting up the back office infrastructure.

Our operating plan falls under three main headings: Purpose, sustainability, and marketing.

Purpose: To see more souls saved. We believe that as stories and prayer requests touch hearts and minds, more will go soulwinning at home, or surrender to the mission fields overseas, more will pray, and more will give to the cause of the gospel.

Sustainability: We’re seeking funding and support from churches to build the app, but once we’re up and running, subscriptions to harvest daily will cover the costs of production.

Marketing: As this website is updated with new content, featuring photo-essays from all over the world on the stories page, the site will serve as a shop window for the kind of stories that will be featured in harvest daily. Social media posts will drive traffic to the site, and when the app is built, will promote subscriptions. A typical story is featured on the next page.

If you would like to join our small but growing team, check out the “join us” page. Professionals and amateurs alike are welcome.